10 de junio de 2015

Wonder Works junto a AC/DC.

Wonder Works is an international technical production practice that develops, directs and delivers exceptional technical solutions for live events.
We relish taking responsibility for end-to-end technical realisation. We are known for our passion for applying technology innovatively, using an international network of expertise and reliably producing work that wows clients and audiences alike.

The summer is off to good start for Wonder Works with the completion of the technical design and coordination for the latest AC/DC tour which started in Arnhem, Holland on the 5th May.
Working closely with production manager Dale ‘Opie’ Skjerseth and production designer Ray Winkler of Stufish, Wonder Works helped to turn the design concept into reality. The design comprised an arched roof clad with bespoke fascia panels which were finished with custom corrugated cladding that was scenically finished with the appearance of rusting steel. The top of the arch was completed with a pair of horns, which are synonymous with any AC/DC show along with an inflatable Rosie, a bell, an arsenal of cannons, a truck load of Molefay audience blinders and wall of Marshal amps.

Show Credits

  • Production Manager ---- Dale ‘Opie’ Skjerseth
  • Show Director & Lighting Design ---- Woodroffe Bassett Design
  • Production Design ---- Stufish Entertainment Architects
  • Technical Design & Coordination ---- Wonder Works
  • Staging Construction ---- Stage Co
  • Scenic Construction ---- Tait Towers

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